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Ai Fujimori

Born August 12, 1992 Nagoya, Japan


Fujimori Ai is the modern definition of a truly independent artist. Her talent, creative spirit, and wide range of skills allow her to manage her career in a unique way. An accomplished singer/songwriter, Fujimori Ai has self-produced her original music and video. Her talent and passion to write and illustrate, allow for a unique continuity in the artistic projects she envisions and manages.

Singer Song Writer


She has performed with many big Japanese artists and has won various auditions. 

All tours and one-man live performances were independently produced by her and held all over Japan.

It has been published in many Japanese media such as online news, newspapers, and radio.

She songwriting, arranges, records, mixes, and masters herself, and also provides the song as the theme song for the festival.

Nagoya Adventure MarathonToshimaru Uehara Retirement Memorial Exhibition

Taylor Guitars Artist

Appeared in many events hosted by Taylor Guitars Japan. The 1st Taylor Acoustic Live, the 100th Taylor Guitars Road Show 2018, the musical instrument fair that appeared as a representative artist of Taylor Guitars, etc. She has also performed with Bob Taylor, the founder of Taylor Guitars, and Andy Powers, the current president.

Performed at Taylor Guitars Facebook Live at the world's largest musical instrument trade fair "NAMM Show 2017" held in California, USA.

Her live performance exceeded 10,000 views in one day. The following year, She performed live on the stage of the Taylor guitar booth. She played the V-class series just announced on the stage for the first time in the world.

In 2021, participated in the project "I Know What Love Is" to support music related people influenced by COVID-19. More than 50 artists, including Keith Goodwin, Zac Brown, KT Tunstall and Jason Mraz, have come together to produce and all of their sales have been donated.

Introduced as a Taylor artist on Taylor Guitars' official Facebook and Instagram.


Providing promotional songs for Taylor Guitars Japan.  She does everything from playing to recording himself.


Appeared on YouTube CM of Taylor Guitars Japan.

​Project Management


She professed to be an independent artist to realize a big project in 2018.

She created an uncensored the best album with a full band one-shot recording and launched a project that fans could actually witness in the recording studio. In the crowdfunding that was raised as the production cost, the target amount of 700,000 yen was achieved overnight, and finally 2,174,000 yen was collected.

The recording has a long history and was done at "Kitty Izu Studio", one of the best studios in Japan. In addition, she worked with a number of professionals, including a recording engineer who worked on big Japanese artists, a mastering engineer who worked on the Rolling Stones high resolution master, and a mix in Chicago. All the songs are royalty-free.


In 2019, she launched a project to pre-sale new songs and publish the entire production process from songwriting to recording. It succeeds in collecting production costs exceeding 920,000 yen only by the advance sale.

All songs are free downloads and royalty-free.

In addition, she sold a booklet without a CD instead of a CD at an in-store live hosted by a CD shop. It was rare in Japan at the time when CDs were the mainstream, and it was featured in many media such as newspapers and radio, and the challenge to a new style of not selling music attracted a lot of attention.

Video Production Project at a Live House

The influence of COVID-19 has hit musicians and people involved in event work, so she launched a project to produce Ai Fujimori's video work with the minimum number of people needed to create employment. The amount of money raised for the production cost exceeded three times the target amount, and it was broadcast on TV.

Taylor Guitars Talk & Live「UTAWA NIGHT」

From November 2018, Taylor Guitars Japan, Yamano Music Co., Ltd., and Ai Fujimori, who collaborated with Artist Lounge, launched a host project and held it regularly.

Ai Fujimori 10th Anniversary Exhibition「Life is like a dream」

In August 2021, a solo exhibition of music and illustration was held for free at a public gallery with a total length of about 61m.

If you read the QR code of each illustration on display, you can listen to the music that matches the image of that illustration.

She handles all of the more than 40 songs, from recording to arranging, and you can watch and listen to the production process by subscribing to the online magazine.

This was done at the same time as preparing for the solo exhibition for about half a year from January 2021.

There was also a live stream of the "Taylor Guitars Road Show" from the gallery.

LIBER|Independent artist with multiple skills.

Launched "LIBER" where artists can acquire various skills for their activities.

You can choose what you want to learn from the 14 skills that you have acquired through the activities of Ai Fujimori and take lessons.


In the wake of COVID-19 in 2020, she launched a virtual project "DEMAEONCYO FESTIVAL". Artists from all over Japan and artists living in the United States appeared on livestream from their homes, studios and live houses. It was held twice.

The third festival was held at a live house in 2021, but due to the influence of COVID-19, it was only live-streamed without the audience.

The fourth time, it was transformed into an outdoor festival in 2022, and it was held for free at the public plaza.



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